2021, a New Deal

A new season of this year is upon us and although it may be full of uncertainty it is also full of hope. 

The global health crisis of the past year is unprecedented. Let us hope that the vaccination programmes taking place around the world will allow us to soon live almost as normal with COVID.

This crisis has served as an invitation to us all to consider what is most important in our lives. As passionate cyclists, we are comforted by our ties to this sport and it has allowed us to measure how much our practice is not only a link to ourselves and to nature but also to others, particularly to our friends with whom we share the exertions and the joys of this journey. These values of sharing and pleasure are what we celebrate here at Mercier. We are happy to announce that some new products will be joining our range in the next few months. Even if the uncertainties of lockdown affect the production calendars, 2021 will nevertheless be a fortuitous year.
All seasons

For the past two years we have been developing an all-weather jacket, with help from professionals from the outdoor and mountaineering industries. Made from a triple layered fabric, it protects you from the rain, wind and cold whilst remaining breathable. It certainly is the perfect illustration of the care we put into the creation of our high-performance products. This jacket will be your ideal companion for outings in uncertain weather conditions, especially when autumn and winter arrive. We have also tested it all winter long in the city on our way to work. This jacket knows how to do it all.

What’s more, we will also be releasing a vest in the spring, with the same vision of offering a full range of products, created to be worn together whilst faced with a chilly morning or a hill descent. 


With a desire to see cycling become more democratised and a conviction that the journey is best when travelled together, we will also be offering cycling wear for women in the next few months.


We will be releasing a winter range towards the end of the year. Mercier will accompany you throughout all 12 months of the year.

Indoor cycling

With the restrictions of lockdown, many of us have evolved our practice and incorporated at-home training sessions into our routines, in our houses or at a gym. Specific work on split, ease and safety… there are many arguments in favour of a swift development of indoor cycling in the next few years. The success of Zwift is testament to this and here at Mercier we are huge enthusiasts. So by the end of the year, we’ll be releasing some more products better suited to this type of practice.

Mercier Rides

Due to COVID, we have to limit our events to France for the time being. However, this summer we’ll have the pleasure of hosting a meet-up in Paris as well as in the Serre-Chevalier valley between the Galibier and Izoard hills.

So like I said, 2021 will be a year full of hope and plenty of reasons to spend time in the saddle. So let’s enjoy this time on the bike!

Ride safe. 

Emile Mercier