1919-2019 A centenary brand

In 1919, in Saint-Etienne, France, Mercier cycles were born. For many decades, the brand paved the way for cycling developments. To promote the brand, Emile - the original - and his brothers Marcel and Constant had an audacious idea for the time: to associate their young business with a professional racing team. This happened in 1933.

La manufacture Mercier, à Saint-Etienne, en 1937

The Mercier fabrication, Saint Etienne, 1937

A family business, a century of passion

In 2019, Emile Mercier, son and nephew of the founders, revived the brand to relaunch it with a line of clothes dedicated to road cycling. To lead this new chapter and maintain the historic values of the brand, Emile partnered with Alexis Descollonges to form a passionate and complementary team.

Mercier Service des courses - 1975

Mercier racing services, 1975 ©www.speedbicycles.ch

Our mission

Road cycling is a mythological experience, with its dramas and heros. The roads and mountains are transformed into ancient theatres which reunite, when summer arrives, several thousand spectators to witness the crowning of their champions.

Mercier exists to celebrate the glorious history of cycling but also to share its values. For Mercier, cycling is more than a sport.

Mercier aims to address those passionate about the sport, for whom performance is not the end goal but rather a way to challenge one’s self and connect with history, nature, others and oneself. Cycling is a global, social experience.

Raymond Poulidor et Antonin Magne

Raymond Poulidor and Antonin Magne, Sports Director.

French Conception

Over two years of development were necessary to refine these beautiful and high-performance pieces. To achieve this, Mercier collaborated with experts in the cycling industry as well as those beyond, from the outdoor industry and more specifically those of mountains and skiing. Thus, our patrons and stylists are based in Annecy and Chamonix, respectively the capital and cradle of the outdoor industry in France. For Mercier, this allows us to assert and perpetuate our innovative heritage.

Our products are made in the EU, by hand in Northern Italy. The majority of our textiles used in fabrication, specifically of the bib-shorts and jerseys, are made in France in the Rhone-Alpes area. The rest of the production comes from Italy, 150km from our workshop. Working in such a small geographic area allows Mercier to control the supply and quality of our materials, of course, but also to invest in the knowledge of our partners.

Designed in France.

Ecological impact

By working across a limited perimeter, we also limit our needs for transport and thus our ecological impact on the planet. Our fabric comes from France and our supplier is certified Oeko-tex standard 100. This means our entire textile production has a limited impact on the environment.

When it comes to packaging, we avoid useless items and only use recycled materials. This is why our items are delivered in tissue paper rather than individual plastic packets.

Finally, purchasing a Mercier item, also means purchasing something that has been designed to last and thus avoid the need to replace it regularly. Choosing quality is good for the planet.

Limited ecological impact