Emile Mercier

Let's introduce Emile Mercier, second of the name. Not to be confused with his uncle Emile Mercier, first of his name, who founded the Cycles Mercier with his brothers, in 1919. 
Emile Mercier, second of his name, was born and raised in Saint Etienne, in a building that was adjacent to the family business. He was thus exposed to the world of cycling from a very young age. As a child, his father passed onto him his passions for both cycling and the business he ran. This was a business where Emile would work during his adolescence, enamelling frames and and welding them and finally assembling the complete bicycle. He thus became, quite naturally, a seasoned amateur of road cycling. More than just a sport, cycling is like cement to Emile: it binds his family of course but also his friends and fellow cyclists. Pedalling means connecting with nature, experiencing landscapes and forming friendships...

Emile also practices alpine skiing, sailing and water skiing. All these activities are shared with his family and friends. It creates a community based on effort, mountain landscapes and friendships 
Emile has spent a large part of his career in the textile industry and in the French high end shoe market.
In 2019, 100 years after the brand was founded by his father and uncles, Emile Mercier - the second of this name - decided to continue the family business and to perpetuate its values of quality, innovation and performance.

Emile participates every year in the Ardechoise and L’Etape of the Tour.
Emile’s bicycle: Pinarello K8

Alexis Descollonges

Alexis Descollonges 

After 10 years spent in marketing and communications in the fashion industry, Alexis has whole heartedly invested himself in the revival of the Mercier business.

It was thanks to his fixie bike that he used to get around Paris, that Alexis made his late entry to the world of road cycling, aged 30. He took part in the first Haute Route Dolomites in 2014 as well as regularly participating in the Ardechoise and the Etape du Tour. Although it’s not the competition he is after, Alexis cannot resist a chance to ride in the peloton for kilometres.

Alexis’ bikes: Specialized Roubaix, Cinelli Starship, Scott Addict R3, a fixie for Paris.