The Mercier professional team appeared in 1933 and departed for its first Tour de France in 1935. It continued to be a part of the pelotons until 1984, thus giving Mercier the title of the professional team with the most participations in the Tour de France.

Many legendary racers made their careers as part of the Mercier team: Antonin Magne, Louison Bobet, Raymond Poulidor, Cyrille Guimard, Joop Zoetmelk...

Joop Zoetemelk 1979
Joop Zoetemelk, 1979

The professional team was managed by Edmond Mercier, son and nephew to the founders. Three sports directors would succeed him: Antonin Magne, two-time winner of the Tour de France, then Louis Caput and Jean-Pierre Danguillaume.

Dénomination de l'équipe:
1935: Mercier-Hutchinson
1954-1969: Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1970-1971: Fagor-Mercier-Hutchinson
1972-1976: Gan-Mercier-Hutchinson
1977-1978: Miko-Mercier-Hutchinson
1979-1981: Miko-Mercier-Vivagel
1982-1983: Coop-Mercier-Mavic
1984: Coop-Hoonved

Coop-Mercier-Mavic, 1983