To face changing weather conditions, the Rafale jacket offers an efficient protection against all the outside natural elements. Made in a light fabric of only 55g/m2, imagined and developed in France, the Rafale jacket protects you from the cold, the rain, and the wind. Its lateral and rear panels ensure a good sweat wicking and cooling. The Rafale jacket allows regulating the body temperature in many different conditions.

Its structure is unique, with stretch panels beneath the shoulders which serve to keep the jacket fitted on the back. Then, even at high speed, the Rafale jacket remains in place and does not allow any access to the wind.

The entire piece of clothing folds on itself to fit in the lateral pocket and be put in your jersey back pocket. It allows you to take the Rafale jacket during all your cycling trips.

On the back, the marking of the Mercier logo is reflective, so you can be seen by all the people on the road, even when the sunlight is fading.

Be stronger than the wind with rafale.