For these bib shorts, Mercier designing teams started back from scratch. The bib shorts’ structure is new because it relies on the use of preformed and ventilated bib straps, without sewing. Bib straps bring a remarkable support and nullify any frictions, even during long cycling trips.

The fabric used to make Ernest bib shorts comes from Italy and relies on a woven structure. Then, Ernest bib shorts have a greater contact surface with the air, to regulate the body temperature and easily wick sweat. You stay dry and cool, even when the effort gets harder.

The chamois leather is hand-made in Italy. Its unique structure with a double density brings stability, and its perforated surface ensures a good airflow: the temperature of the skin and the humidity level decrease.

On the lower thighs, the holding strips have silicone grips inside the fabric. The left strip has a Mercier logo made in digital printing. In the lower back, you will find the signature tricolor Mercier label.