In one word: excellence. The creation of the Emile Bibshort took two years and was guided by a quest for perfection. Choose the best, test, correct, improve. With patience and a touch of stubborness and a refusal to compromise.

The lower thigh bands, in Mercier colours measuring 44 millimeters with silicone inserts, excel at their role: ensuring the ensemble does not move an inch, even during the most intense outings. To avoid friction and irritation, Emile has no seams along the inner and outer thigh, and all seams are flatlock (flat stitching).

Modern, yet classic, Emile was designed to be used with the Peloton base layer and the Saint-Etienne jersey. Thus the back is cut low to allow for the underlayers to efficiently evacuate sweat through the jersey and outwards. You can rely on Emile to help you reach your goals.