To ensure you remain dry when it rains, the stitching is entirely thermobonded and the AquaGuard® zips guarantee waterproofness. The chosen fabric allows for extra humidity to be evacuated efficiently while you cycle. Water simply beads and runs off the outer surface of the jacket.

laser cut aeration holes are spaced under the armpit to regulate your body temperature as you exert yourself. A watertight pocket at the front of the jacket allows you to keep the bare necessities at reach.

To ensure your optimum protection, the collar is raised and the wrists are fitted with elastic. A draw string runs around the length of the jacket’s base to ensure it fits perfectly. A rain cape, ready to be unrolled at the first sign of rain, is stored in a hidden pocket in the lower back. The Averse jacket’s cut is sporty and fulfills its primary function: protecting you from the cold and the rain! Thermoregulation and dynamic breathability for an all seasons protection.

No need for rain to stop play with the Averse jacket.