Tokyo Escape: Wada Pass

We asked french Art Director and Mercier friend Pascal Viout to share with us his favorite ride in Tokyo area. Living in Japan for a few years now, one of Viout’s favourite rides is out to the Wada Pass in Yamanashi prefecture.

Yamanashi is the bit of Japan which sits between Tokyo and Mount Fuji, so it is the perfect place to explore the space between the Japan we know and the Japan we do not. Anybody with a passing knowledge of Ja- pan knows Tokyo and Fuji, yet not many outside the country will even have heard of Yamanashi. Though it borders Tokyo, Yamanashi is inaka – countryside. (This being Japan, ‘inaka’ is a conceptual state of being, as well as a descriptor of rural regions.)

Art direction: Pascal Viout
Music: The Homeless Wanderer - Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru (courtesy of Heavenly Sweetness)