Bikepacking: escape Paris to explore Normandy

Charlotte Lindet is a talented French photographer. Her friend Titouan is a Community Manager. Both work in the sports and outdoor sector. Suffice to say, their summer period is a busy one. So when September arrives and the professional activity calms down, the desire to escape the city becomes pressing. Rendez-vous at Paris Saint-Lazare station, heading north. With bikes loaded on board, the train pulls out of the city, heading for Abbeville. Then it's off to explore the Normandy coast, bikepacking to Le Havre in three days. 220 kilometers and quite a bit of rain later, back on the train to Paris and the feeling of having experienced an out-of-the-ordinary adventure. We've come full circle.

Photo & video:  © Charlotte Lindet

Day 1: Abbeville, Le Tréport, Dieppe. Day 2: Sotteville-sur-Mer, Veules-les-Roses, Saint-Valérie-en-Caux-Fécamp. Day 3: Étretat, Épouville, Le Havre.