The Mercier Chamois

What would a bib short be without its Chamois, that is to say its pad? A bidon without its holder, a sprinter without his team...

Le meilleur ami du cyclisteThe cyclist's best friend, the pad is essentially the heart of any cycling outfit. There was a time when the courageous slaves to the road wore real Chamois cloth on the saddle. Although the name remains to describe the cloth, thankfully we no longer hunt this noble animal to sit on.

In recent years, significant progress has been made. Progress that will never replace training and hours spent in the saddle, but that will certainly contribute to the comfort.

To create the Emile bib short, Mercier partnered with the best maker on the market: Elastic Interface®, in Italy, to develop a pad that offers exceptional comfort for substantial performance. 

The fabric used to cover the pad employs a canal structure on two levels to ensure an optimum regulation of transpiration. The first level channels humidity downwards and the second evacuates it.

The result? Comfort that lasts kilometres and allows you to focus on the essentials: your efforts, objectives, nature, those around you and yourself.