2023 Gift Selection

As the end-of-year holidays approach, our teams have meticulously selected a range of perfect gifts to delight any enlightened cyclist. These gifts, ideal for placing under the Christmas tree, promise to make these holidays even more memorable.

Less than 50 € | Less than 100 € | Less than 200 € | Over 200 €


  • Less than 50€

Vitamin Bottle - 16€
Compatible with all types of bottle cages, the Vitamin bottle is easy to handle. Easy to squeeze, it delivers the desired amount of liquid for good hydration. Made in Europe from taste-free plastic without bisphenol A (BPA) and machine-washable. 500ml volume. Offer Vitamin.

Team Cap - 32 €

More than just an iconic cycling accessory, the Team Cap will protect you from the sun, wick away sweat, and protect you from rain. Iconic cap of professional Mercier teams, worn by the greatest champions and updated for the modern day. Now available in four colors. One size fits all. Offer Team.

Huez Winter Socks

Huez Winter Socks - 30 €

The Winter Huez socks are designed to provide maximum warmth and comfort when temperatures drop. Made with 70% merino wool, your feet stay dry and warm during your coldest outings. Offer Huez Winter Socks.

Marcel T-shirt - 45 €

Made from 180 g/m2 density cotton, soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, the Marcel T-shirt features the embroidered Mercier logo at the heart level, just like our iconic Saint-Étienne jersey. Designed for those who love cycling, life, friends, and spending time at the table. You can also sleep in it. Available in two colors. Offer Marcel.

Prologue Arm Warmers - 48€

Essentially versatile accessories, arm warmers allow you to face many situations. Stored in a jersey pocket, they are easy to slip on to keep you warm. Offer Prologue

  • Less than 100 €

  • Christmas Rouleur Pack - 58 €

    Save 20% on a selected choice of three iconic Mercier accessories: the Team cap, Massif socks, and Vitamin water bottle. Offer the Christmas Rouleur Pack.

    Constant Sweatshirt - 85 €

    Our Constant sweatshirt pays tribute to one of the three founding brothers of Mercier. Constant is made from organic cotton with a density of 290 g/m2 and features the famous embroidered crown logo. Comfortable for cycling and everyday wear, it can be worn in any situation, at home or at the cafe with your friends. Available in blue and cream colors. Offer Constant.

    Izoard Overshoes - 95 €

    The long winter months will test your resolutions and desire to get some fresh air. Yet, this challenging season also offers many satisfactions for cyclists. To help you make the most of this season, we collaborated with our Swiss neighbors at Schoeller® to offer a product that is understated but provides the best protection. Keep your feet warm and dry all winter long with the Izoard Overshoes. Offer Izoard Overshoes.

    • Less than 200 €

    Gruppetto Winter baselayer - 120 €

    Made with a great quality merino wool, made in Italy, the Gruppetto base layer transfers the moisture from the skin to regulate the body temperature. The fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant, it will keep you warm and dry, whatever the weather and the intensity of the effort. It feels good inside the Gruppetto. Offer Gruppetto Winter Baselayer.

    Rafale jacket - 160 €

    Rafale is one more layer to put on when the weather is bad. Made in a technical fabric produced in France, this windbreak jacket provides with an efficient and light protection against the rain, the wind, and the fresh breeze in the morning or while going down a slope. Available in two colors: pink and Carbon Blue.  Offer Rafale Jacket.

    Saint-Etienne jersey - 175€

    Developed in the French Alps, the Saint-Etienne is made from a fabric combining three fibers. Versatile by nature, this jersey protects you from cold and wind when conditions demand it. Conversely, it helps your body breathe when the temperature rises. At the lower back, a mesh insert ensures ideal ventilation. Now available in black, blue and green. Offer Saint-Etienne.

    • More than 200 €

    Averse Jacket - 290 €

    Averse is Mercier’s take on a complete protection jacket. High-tech and high-performance, its design is nevertheless refined. Made from three layers of fabric, it gives efficient protection against rain, cold and wind, whilst remaining breathable when the pace picks up. When it starts to rain, just unroll the rain cape hidden in the lower back area to remain protected. Offer Averse Jacket.

    Mercier Classic Bundle - 385 €

    Essential attire for the enlightened cyclist. Classic style, proven performance. Buy the jersey, bib shorts and baselayer and get a -20% discount. Offer Mercier Bundle.

    The Mercier team wishes you happy end of year holidays.