Semnoz Winter Gloves


High-Performance gloves to protect you from the wind and rain when cycling in the cold. Unparalleled finishes. Suitable for the city as well as for cycling. 

The Semnoz gloves are designed to accompany you on your coldest outings. Made using a wind-resistant and hydrophobic fabric, they are also breathable to avoid overheating during intense physical exertion.

The inside of the glove is patterned with the Mercier “M” logo, made from a silicone fabric, offering excellent grip throughout your journey. As always, the logo is embroidered with impeccable detailing on the index finger and the inside of the wrist. View winter gloves size guide.

Izoard Overshoes


Keep your feet warm and dry throughout winter: the Izoard overshoes provide warmth and protection against the elements. 

The Izoard Overshoes are made from a technical membrane called Schoeller® WB 400. This material is waterproof, breathable and has stretch. The zip is watertight and the Mercier logo is in reflective material to enhance visibility when the light is weak. It’s a judicious choice when battling the most demanding conditions.

Granon neckerchief


An indispensable and multipurpose accessory, the Granon neckerchief offers a welcome protection against the cold. 

Ideal for both training and trips out in town, this neckerchief traps in heat and protects you from the cold. When the temperature really drops, pull it up under your eyes for a real ninja look.