The manufacturing of Mercier bicycles

The Beginning

In 1919, in the town of Saint-Etienne, Emile Mercier and his brothers began to manufacture bicycles.


Mercier & the professionals

In 1933, the directors had a visionary idea. In order to become more widely known in public, they joined forces with a professional team in 1933.

Signature Purple

A sign of distinction

In 1955 the signature purple of the Mercier racers appeared. “It may not be pretty, but at least we stand out in the peloton” declared Emile Mercier.


Bobet’s paradise

The Breton succeeds his compatriot Jean Forestier and makes his mark on the “Northern Hell” in the spring of 1956. He broke at speed to beat the Belgian Alfred De Bruyne and Jean Forestier at the sprint. This victory at Roubaix secured Bobet’s place in cycling history.

Milan-San Remo

A Legend is Born

For the 1961 edition of the classic 298 kilometre race, an unknown competitor made his first appearance on screen. His name? Raymond Poulidor.

Anquetil - Poulidor

Rivalry at the top

In 1964, rivalry between the cold Anquetil and the unlucky Poulidor divided France. The 20th stage of the Tour de France 1964 would cast the final decision.

Record Production

The Climax

150,000 bicycles were made in 1975. Mercier is renowned for the quality of their production, with their bikes being fabricated mainly with Italian and Stephanoise pieces.

The red light

The decline

The 80’s saw American and Asian competitors flood the cycling market with cheaper models. This brought with it the end of Mercier Cycles, who closed their doors in 1985.

The Revival

Celebrating 1919 - 2019

In celebration of the sport and its rich heritage, Mercier succeeds in bringing to life its vision of sportswear for the discerning cyclist. It took two years of development to successfully combine performance and style.

Words by Emile Mercier

The Mercier Story: The Legacy